And you wonder why he gets pissed

this is frightening

Just proves the ignorance and inconsideration of the general public. As much as I don’t like Konway, I actually feel bad for him in this clip.

You mean Kanye. Yeah. This is just a horrible situation to be in

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My roommate, the one that is hella rude for no reason, came home today. As I expected she’s being a pain in my butt. She asked me to kick the dog I’m babysitting out cause she doesn’t like him…. that’s the only response I could give her. 

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So proud of this guy right here! Your gonna do really great things and I’m happy that your focused and going after your dreams. Proud to say your one of my best friends and I’m glad to know we always got each others backs. Gonna miss you tons, but I love you even more. Be safe in Dallas!

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Omg, I started following you because of the bf/gf tag on YT. You and Austin or soo adorbz!!

Thanks so much!!